Saturday, May 9, 2015

Furry Fluffy

I am having difficulty typing this as I have a cat on my lap. 

As I approach my two class finals, I realize no project looms on the horizon.

What to do?  What to do?

Furry creatures smile.  Why not tell our story?

What story?

It will come to you, they promise. 

Introductions are necessary.
This little elf has been with me for over half a century. She is magical, whimsical, nurturing. 
A very old dog.  Growly, gruff,  stuck in his ways.
At Woodmans, he convinced me that if I took him home, stories would abound. 

She also convinced me that day that bringing her home would be in my best, creative interests.
A week later, I met this pup at Woodman's.  She reminded me of my sister's dogs, and at first, I thought that's where she belonged.  However, she convinced me that I needed her to stay or the stories would either be too stodgy or too out-of-control.
"We need a rabbit," they said.  "No story without a rabbit."  We found each other today and home she came.  Not sure why we need a rabbit.  She's worried about why exactly an owl, a fox, and a pup would want a rabbit and hopes they aren't inviting her to be dinner.  "You do know," she whispered in the car on the ride home, "that owls and foxes and dogs eat rabbits."  "Just little tiny rabbits..." "I'm a little tiny rabbit and I don't want to be dinner." 
Already this story is getting out of control.  No one has a name yet, and I'm not altogether certain of gender.  But here they are: our cast of characters so far, ready for adventures. "Life is better without adventures," mutters rabbit and I assure her we will have no tragedies.  "Maybe what we need are more rabbits."
All during Sweet Lowdown, I mumbled that writing and producing a show would be sooooo much easier if instead of needing to be Absolutely Scientifically Accurate, World Changing, Saving Lives by Telling the Truth, Dispelling Myths and Stereotypes, I would be much less stressed, less would ride on the outcome and I wouldn't mind how those who were supposed to be helping were twisting the show to say the antithesis of its purpose....  In short, life would be more pleasant and relaxing if it were a show about fuzzy bunnies frolicking with their friends. 
They promised me.  Would these faces lie?