Thursday, May 19, 2016

Healthcare Wishes

Healthcare Wishes
  1.  I wish I were the priority of my healthcare team during the time I'm being billed.  I wish my needs came before theirs.  I shouldn't have to wait for my doctor to have pneumonia before she will allow me to have the vaccine.  I shouldn't be bullied into pills and screenings so the clinic gets better ratings or reviews.  The only ass I am interested in covering is mine, not theirs.
  2. I wish I felt they cared whether I lived or died, beyond whether they might be blamed.
  3. I wish they would say something besides "Eat less.  Exercise more."  I wish they wouldn't assume I must be lying about how much I eat and how I exercise.
  4. I wish they would see me.  All of me.  Not just parcel me out to various specialists.  I wish someone would notice if maybe some of this stuff is related.
  5. I wish they would care that the notes in my file are accurate.  I have never had a 14-year-old son.  I wish they would actually read my file and look at the data.  I wish they would look at my logbook.  I wish they wouldn't lie to me and then insinuate that I lie.
  6. I wish they would care more about what is actually wrong, rather than pretend none of it exists, focusing on looking for stuff I don't have so they can feel they "prevented it."
  7. I wish they wouldn't prescribe pills or exercises that they later admit they knew weren't going to solve the problem, but will supposedly keep things from getting worse.
  8. I wish they would stop threatening me that things will get worse.  I've reached a place where an increase in terror and despair is impossible.  On a scale of 1-10, I've spent most of my life around 11.  Raising it to a 12 won't make me more compliant.
  9. I wish that if they can't make things better, they at least don't make things more difficult. I wish they would admit they don't have the answers and that they are confused as well.  I would respect them more.
  10. I wish they would look at my feet, rather than leaving that job for someone less exalted.
  11. I wish they wouldn't arbitrarily cancel or cut back prescriptions or that I wouldn't have to fight to get authorization for my CGM renewed.  I wish they wouldn't arbitrarily assign me to yet another CDE, because the previous one got a better offer at another office.
  12. I wish they could be happy for me when things go even slightly well.
  13. I wish when I say that things are getting harder, they wouldn't insinuate that I'm just not trying.

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